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My Story

Hello, my name is Hamza Saraswat. I am a dedicated and results-driven Sports Management professional with a passion for social media, marketing strategy, and content creation. In 2022, I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BA in Journalism. I bring to the table a deep understanding of how to engage sports fans and build a brand centered around sports culture. 


After receiving my degree, I was offered a job at Genpact as a senior marketing expert. There, I honed my skills in PPC ad campaigns, sales, and customer relations. In September 2022, I was honored to be recognized as a top 15 marketer on the sales floor, showcasing my dedication and proficiency in the field.

Currently, I am the social media manager for BTL (Between the Line Sports), a basketball media and scouting company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I have helped craft and execute their social media marketing plan, creating quality content targeted towards basketball fans. Through my understanding of basketball culture, I aim to build a sizeable following for the company, allowing them to break into the market and build credibility as a brand. 


A highlight of my career is my involvement in the IMBA (Irving Masjid Basketball League). Over the course of a year, my team and I focused on building the brand of a local men's recreational basketball league. Through initiatives like "Player of the Week" awards and personalized highlight reels, we successfully built a local audience. By recording team records and players' stats on our website, and creating hype trailers for the playoffs, we cultivated a unique culture around the organization, resulting in a highly engaged following. 


My skill set includes content creation, copywriting, copyediting, PPC campaign management, AI, and video editing, cultivated over five years in the digital and social media marketing space. I excel in leveraging technology and analytics to enhance engagement and drive business objectives. Now, I am eager to bring my expertise to a dynamic sports organization, contributing to its success and growth. If you're looking for a passionate and results-oriented professional who thrives in the intersection of sports, marketing, and social media, I am ready to make a substantial impact on your team.

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